Miscarriage, Stillbirth & Loss Doulas

A bereavement doula or a “Loss doula” is a doula who specializes in supporting people who have experienced the loss of a baby, whether that loss is through miscarriage, stillbirth, or other terminal diagnosis.

“She gently reminded me to take care of myself during a time when I just was just barely able to cope.” –Jean

An experienced loss doula is trained to recognize the process of grief and recovery, and they provide clients with support in a variety of ways, including sitting together in silence, providing personal and in-home care services, performing rituals and blessings, planning funeral services, and referring clients to maternal mental health professionals.

When to seek a Loss Doula?

When we have experienced the loss of a baby, for whatever reason, a loss doula offers support at any point. Often times loss doulas are contacted when:

  • Loss occurs during pregnancy
  • Undetected prenatal heartbeat
  • Stillbirth
  • Difficulty conceiving after a previous loss
  • Previous loss