Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in the New Mexico Doula Association’s online Doula Directory! If you have questions about this service or need assistance, email us at Please allow up to two weeks for a response to your email.
1Who is listed in the NMDA Doula Directory?
We are currently only accepting submissions from individual doulas or doula practices/groups/agencies who are actively providing doula care for New Mexican families and who are in agreement* with our mission statement and non-discrimination policy. If you are taking a break from actively providing doula care, please do not list your practice, but do connect with us another way.

At this time, we are not listing the practices of midwives, massage therapists, yoga teachers, placenta encapsulation specialists, and other practitioners who are not also actively providing doula services.

*We reserve the right to refuse publication of an entry in the NMDA Doula Directory for any doula who does not agree to the policy or who is deemed to not be practicing in agreement with our mission and non-discrimination policy.
2Is there a fee to be listed?
As of February 2021 (our second year hosting the directory), there is no fee. The directory is currently a free service for doulas and the public. However, please be advised that this could potentially change in the future.
3What about listings for group practices?
If you are part of a larger practice, co-op, or agency, please only submit ONE entry (and include all members’ names in the bio portion). There should be one person per practice who is responsible for submitting and updating the NMDA Doula Directory entry.

Please only provide the names of the doulas currently providing doula care. If there is a doula in your group not actively providing doula care, you may add them to your group’s directory entry when they have returned to practice.

Please remember to update the entry if a doula in your group leaves doula practice temporarily or permanently. If you are part of a larger practice but also provide services on your own in a SEPARATE practice, feel free to submit an individual entry.

Only one entry per practice, co-op, agency, group, or individual doula will be published.
4How is directory entry information used by NMDA?
This service is provided as a free community resource by the New Mexico Doula Association. Anyone with access to the internet can view the directory and use the information. An entry in the Doula Directory does not constitute a referral to or endorsement of any party, including the NMDA. The information provided by a doula practice for publication in the Doula Directory is only ever shared via the Doula Directory and will never be sold by the NMDA.

The NMDA is not responsible for inaccurate or missing information. If you need assistance, please email
5What information is included in a directory entry?
The form requests your business name (if applicable), doulas’ names who are part of the business and actively providing doula care, type of doula services (birth, postpartum, etc), business contact information (email, phone number, website, social media information), and location (including county).

Directory entries can also have a photograph. If you are including a photograph, please make sure you own the copyright privileges to post it and that everyone in the photograph has provided explicit permission to you for sharing it in this directory. You may use a logo in place of a photograph, as well.

An email address is required so that we can communicate with you about your listing.
6Bio section & other information
Information about identities, specialties, populations served, services provided, payment options and more, are optional. If you feel you do not want to disclose aspects of your practice or your identity in these sections, it is not required.

Feel free to be creative in the bio section and include information about your training, certification, and anything else you want people to know about you as a doula. If there is a service you provide that is not listed, feel free to add it here. There is no length limit, but a few sentences to paragraphs is probably appropriate.
7How do I create my directory entry?
To add yourself or your practice to the NMDA directory, follow these instructions: - Visit the directory page on our website. - In the upper right corner, choose “add entry”. - Make an account on - Fill out the form. In case it isn’t straightforward, here are some instructions. Please email us if you need help or clarification.

  1. Business Name (required): provide your practice’s business name. If you don’t have a business name, enter the name of the doula instead.
  2. Business Contact (required): provide the primary contact individual’s name. This person should be an active doula affiliated with the business, or, if not an active doula, the person who fields inquiries for a group practice. This is the person whom NMDA will direct communication to regarding the listing in the Doula Directory unless different from the Community Box account owner.
  3. Type of Doula: choose the type or types of doula care you provide by clicking on the selection(s) desired. If you do not identify with any of the doula service types listed, email us with the term you prefer and we will add it as appropriate.
  4. Phone number: please provide a phone number for the entry.
  5. Contact email (required): please provide an email address you want potential clients and others to use to contact your practice.
  6. Location: enter the primary location (eg, city, town, county, facility) your practice provides doula care.
  7. Website: you may provide a URL for your practice’s website, or for a profile page for another doula directory (eg, DoulaMatch) if you wish.
  8. Instagram: you may provide your doula practice’s Instagram info.
  9. Facebook: you may provide your practice’s Facebook page.
  10. Services Offered: select as appropriate.
  11. Short Bio and General Information (required): Please include any information you feel is relevant here, including certification and more. If you are part of a group practice, put the names of the members of the practice here. Wait for approval of your form. Once published, update via your Community Box account at any time. Expect to hear from us yearly in February to confirm your entry is still correct.
8What is Community Box?
Community Box is a third party web developer who created the plug-in we are using for publishing the Doula Directory on the NMDA’s website. In order to create and edit a directory entry, you will need to create an account with Community Box. Please see all of Community Box’s Terms of Service to learn more.
9How long will it take for my entry to be published?
Please allow two to four weeks for your listing to be published, although we hope it will be much quicker. Check back on the site to see if your entry is published—you will not get a notification. Once an entry has been approved, you may update your entry as needed. If you submitted an entry but have not seen it published for four weeks, please send us an email at

Terms & Conditions. The NMDA does not control your Community Box account in any way.
10How often are entries updated?
Once an entry has been approved for initial publication by NMDA, the owner of the Community Box account associated with the entry may make updates to their entry at any time.

Every year during the month of February, a member of NMDA’s Doula Directory team will contact each Community Box account owner with an entry (“box” in Community Box terms) in our directory and request that your entry information be reviewed. If there is no response within 30 days (via the email address associated with the account, the business email address in the listing, and/or the business phone number provided), the entry will be removed from the NMDA Doula Directory.
11How do I delete my entry?
People may find their life shifting for any number of reasons, which may mean they need to leave doula practice. You can email us to have your entry deleted at any time. Please email us at This can include if your doula practice closes, deciding to take a break from providing doula care, moving out of state, etc. To remove an individual’s name from your group practice entry, please have the individual listed as the business contact use the practice’s Community Box account to make the change.